Customers’ trust in Veho grows, Reputation & Trust survey shows

The customers' trust in Veho has been strengthened over the past year in four Veho countries.  


In Finland, the level of trust reached excellent for the first time. The surveyed customers ranked Veho higher than before for giving a great shopping experience and being easily approachable. According to the study, Veho’s products meet the customers’ expectations, and the products were ranked at an excellent level. 

In Sweden, Estonia, and Lithuania, the customers' trust in Veho also increased compared to the previous year. Of the five countries where Veho is present, Latvia participated in the study for the first time this year. Also here, customer ratings reached a good and partly excellent level. 

The information was published in the Reputation & Trust survey as well as in the customer experience survey tailored for Veho. Both were conducted by T-Media. The customers evaluated the company's reputation and trust in various areas: They reported how likely they were to recommend Veho to others and their willingness to purchase. They also assessed the company’s leadership, responsibility, products and services, and communications. This was the seventh year that the survey was conducted in Finland and the second time in Sweden, Estonia, and Lithuania. 

"A supreme customer experience has been one of Veho’s main goals for several years, and we work toward it in many ways. I want to humbly thank our customers for their trust! The work of listening to and understanding customer needs and developing our services continues," says CEO Juha Ruotsalainen of the Veho Group. 


Social responsibility among Veho’s strengths 

This year, the customers rated Veho’s responsibility higher than last year. 

The level of responsibility is examined in several sections of the survey, where respondents assess, among other things, the company's societal and environmental responsibility, social responsibility, good governance, and transparency. 

"In the case of Finland, the survey monitors perceptions of corporate responsibility broadly among customers and the general public. Veho performs significantly better than the average for companies in Finland. Taking care of employees is particularly highlighted in the evaluations. The results are strong in other Veho countries as well, where respondents view Veho as a responsible company that takes care of its employees," comments Harri Leinikka, CEO at T-Media, the company behind the survey. 

"It is encouraging that our efforts to develop a good working environment are being noticed. The results are a great continuation of our Great Place To Work initiative, where we have worked on improving the workplace atmosphere and culture at Veho," rejoices Ruotsalainen. 

Great Place To Work is a global certification program carried out through a comprehensive employee survey and an annual audit of the company's practices. This year, Veho was awarded the certification in Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Sweden.