Digital platforms will make Veho´s five-star customer experience a reality in the future

Veho's Digital Services and Development unit ensures that Veho's five-star customer experience will deliver in the digital and electrified world of the future.

Veho has been moving according to its strategy into a new era in 2019 with the focus on a single-brand strategy, which also started the expansion into new markets in the Baltics and later on with truck imports in Sweden. From the qrowth and internalization perspective of Digital Services and Development unit at Veho, the change has been fundamental.

"All of these changes have been truly fundamental for Veho, and in the process the Digital Services and Development unit has also been revamped. At DS&D, we have geared up to operate according to the principle of five markets and one strong brand and two OEM’s – Mercedes-Benz Group and Daimler Trucks," says Kai Hammar, Head of Digital Services and Development at Veho.

According to Hammar, the strategic change has required not only great intellectual growth, but also major projects to move Veho's historical heritage and systems in a new strategic direction.

"Our ultimate goal is to create a common digital identity for all Veho people. Digital identity may be understood as the DNA of Veho and a kind of enabler of Veho citizenship, if you will." 

Digitalisation and electrification are strong drivers

Hammar points out that Mercedes-Benz's strong brand automatically comes with a high expectation value for the services Veho offers. How does Veho intend to meet this challenge?

"Veho will focus on building and nurturing a five-star customer experience for private and commercial customers. Ultimately, Veho five-star customer experience is delivered through unified, but customer segment dedicated digital processes and platforms. Veho five-star customer experience also requires us to be present and relevant to our customers. Therefore, we need to be able to manage different customer expectations across multiple channels.”

The future of car trade is shaped by the megatrends: digitalization and the electrification of the vehicle fleet.

"The future will be electrified. It will also be connected: both customers, drivers and vehicles will be closely linked to information networks. As a result, the future will be very data-intensive, and it follows that services will also need to be accessible and easy to use. Customer mobility will be increasingly freed from traditional shopping. In the commercial vehicle’s side, we will see new ways of transportation."

Hammar believes that dealerships will not disappear, but their role will change. Digital channels will come alongside and complement the physical channels. Already, digital channels are growing in importance, for example in pre-deal information gathering.