Veho Receives Great Place to Work Certification in Four Countries

We are proud to announce that Veho has received the Great Place to Work certification in Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Sweden! This achievement reflects Veho’s commitment to providing an excellent working environment, with employee well-being and satisfaction as central goals.

In the 2023 Great Place to Work survey, an impressive 86 percent of Veho's employees participated. The results have improved year by year, demonstrating the success of the efforts made to address the areas of development identified in previous surveys. Every employee deserves good leadership, and Veho has worked diligently to enhance this aspect. Veho's leadership scores have increased to 78 percent, up from 75 percent the previous year.

Veho's overall trust index for 2023 is at 71 percent, which is two percent points higher than in 2022. The areas in which Veho scored the highest include justice, direct manager leadership, intimacy, hospitality, camaraderie, personal job, community, corporate image, pride, caring, fairness, and competence.

The highest scores in individual statements (86—90 %) were obtained in the aspects of fair treatment of employees regardless of their ethnic background, sexual orientation, or age, ensuring a physically safe workplace, and flexibility to accommodate personal life situations.

"We are thrilled to have received the Great Place to Work certification in four out of five countries of operation. This achievement signifies that we have succeeded in creating an inspiring and secure working environment for our employees. The credit goes to all Veho employees whose valuable contributions are reflected in these results," said Juha Ruotsalainen, CEO of Veho Group.

At Veho, we will continue our efforts to further improve our working environment and express our gratitude to all employees for this remarkable accomplishment.