Essi Kautonen appointed as the new Director of Marketing for Distribution Cars and Vans

Veho is excited to introduce Essi Kautonen as the newly appointed Director of Marketing for Distribution Cars and Vans. Essi will officially join Veho on November 1st. Essi has extensive experience within Marketing and Communication in Mobile and Health & Wellbeing industries. She has a strong background working at Chinese technology companies being responsible for strategic brand development and market share achievement in B2B and B2C segments. 

Essi's journey in the corporate world has taken her through various Chinese technology companies, where she played a pivotal role in shaping their strategic brand development and market share in both B2B and B2C domains. Her experience working with these Chinese companies has taught her market and customer adaptability skills but also introduced her to the dynamic and multicultural landscape of international business.

Throughout her career, Essi has consistently delivered outstanding results in collaboration with sales teams, retail units, digital marketing specialists, and PR agencies. “Now it’s great to have this opportunity to use all of my experience for VEHO's future success. Automotive industry is a new industry for me but being responsible for marketing of great brands is my core skill and this is a perfect match for that. I’m looking forward to starting this journey with VEHO Brands!”. 

Essi will assume leadership of the marketing teams for Distribution Cars and Vans in Finland and the Baltics. Market closeness and close co-operation between Retail and Distribution departments will be extremely important once we will move towards Veho’s Future Sales Model in the Baltics and later in Finland. With her team members, Essi will pioneer new approaches to marketing that align with the strategic goals of the Business Unit, Cars GD, encompassing the distribution of Cars and Vans and Retail in all GD countries: Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. In her new capacity, Essi will become a vital member of the Distribution Cars and Vans Management Team, reporting directly to Andres Aguraiuja.

"We who participated in the selection process of our new Marketing leader were thrilled to achieve the recruitment of Essi as her portfolio of experience contains many valuable skills that are required to support the transformation of automotive business towards digitalization, higher efficiency and market centricity”, states Andres Aguraiuja, Director of Distribution Cars and Vans.