New management teams steer Veho towards an even better customer experience

Veho has appointed new experienced management teams to lead its new business units. The units are part of Veho's new operating model, aiming to serve the diverse customer demands within the commercial vehicles and cars sectors even better.

The operation model commenced its operations at the beginning of the year. It includes three distinct business units: Commercial Vehicles, Cars - General Distribution, and Cars & Vans - Sweden Retail. Each unit is dedicated to delivering specialized solutions within their respective domains.

“Our new management team brings together a wealth of experience in strategic change management, sales, customer experience, and personnel development. The team members have extensive high-level experience in various sectors of the automotive industry, as well as from other industries,” says Juha Ruotsalainen, CEO of Veho Group.

Commercial Vehicles

In the Commercial Vehicles (CV) unit, Veho is dedicated to delivering extensive solutions for a wide range of commercial vehicles, including trucks, buses, and vans. At the heart of its success lies a team of approximately 850 dedicated colleagues spread across Veho's five markets. Their passion and expertise fuel the mission of exceeding the expectations of CV customers.

The unit is led by Tobias Sigerstad, Head of Commercial Vehicles. He was appointed as Head of Trucks and Buses Distribution in 2022 and has served in his new role from 2024 onwards. Managing the Commercial Vehicles operations in Finland is Juhamatti Joensuu, who joined Veho in June 2021.

Sigerstad brings a wealth of experience from Volvo Group, where he served as the Managing Director for Volvo Group Peru S.A. and, prior to that, as the Head of Volvo Truck Center in Stockholm. Joensuu has an extensive background in operational management and sales in the logistics industry both in Finland and internationally. He has strong evidence of successful customer relationship management, process improvement, and change management. Prior to joining Veho, Joensuu served as the Country Manager for DHL Supply Chain in Finland, and before that, he was responsible for DHL's operational activities in the Nordic countries.


Other members of the Veho CV Management team:

Peder Nordgren, Head of CSP (Customer Service and Parts), joined Veho in 2023, bringing extensive experience from various CSP roles at Scania.

Mikko Nurmi, Head of Special Vehicles & Buses, and a veteran at Veho. Nurmi has held multiple management positions within the company, gaining broad knowledge in CSP, Fleet business, and Special Vehicles.

Sofie Siegfrids, Head of CV People & Culture, has improved Vehos working environment since September 2020. Siegfrids previously held roles in Employee Relations at large Finnish companies.

Anders Smith, Head of CV Sales & Marketing, started in 2023. Smith is an experienced leader with a robust international business track record, particularly in heavy commercial vehicles at Scania.

Stefan Jernström, Head of Finance, joined Veho in 2020 as Head of Finance Veho Bil Sverige AB, with managerial experience in various positions within Volvo Cars, Volkswagen AG, and Daimler networks.

Mattias Vahter, Head of Commercial Vehicles Estonia, with a background at Mercedes-Benz since 2007, boasts nearly 17 years of experience in commercial vehicle sales.

Aivis Zapereckis, Head of Commercial Vehicles Latvia, with over 25 years of experience in commercial vehicle sales, has worked with Mercedes Benz AG and Daimler Truck AG in Latvia since 1998.

Irma Stankevičienė, Head of Commercial Vehicles Lithuania, with almost 30 years of progressive management experience, including key roles at TEO/OMNITEL, DNB/LUMINOR, and INCHCAPE MOTORS (Land Rover & Jaguar brands), is set to join Veho on February 5th, 2024.


Cars, General Distribution (GD)

This unit will oversee both Cars retail and Cars and Vans distribution in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. This multifaceted approach ensures that Veho remains at the forefront of providing quality solutions while also strengthening its distribution network.

The unit is led by Janne Kämäräinen, Head of Cars GD, who joined Veho in 2023. Andres Aguraiuja oversees Distribution, Cars & Vans. Kari Halonen is leading the Cars Finland Retail operations.

Before joining Veho, Kämäräinen has held several strategic positions in the automotive industry, ranging from sales to leadership roles. He has accumulated experience from country management to headquarters positions at Ford and BMW. In recent years, Kämäräinen has served as CEO at Ford in Denmark and BMW in Finland.

Director of Distribution Andres Aguraiuja joined Veho in 2020. His long experience within the automotive industry includes general management, network development, sales, marketing, and customer experience in both distribution and retail with various European and Japanese brands.

Kari Halonen, Director of Cars Finland Retail Operation, has worked at Veho since 2007, holding the director positions of Veho Finland, Passenger Cars & Vans, as well as Aftersales, Mercedes-Benz. His expertise covers a wide range of different executive and management positions in automotive segment, distribution and retail, B2B and B2C.


Other members of the Veho Cars (GD) Management team:

Keijo Kaasik, Head of Cars GD Estonia, and Head of Cars GD Lithuania Donatas Stanionis have joined Veho in 2020, and Head of Cars GD Latvia Dmitrijs Zelenins in 2022. All of them have been pursuing long-term careers in the industry, holding various high-level positions.

Kaasik worked previously as Managing Director at Moller Auto Tallinn AS. Stanionis has worked at Inchcape across the Baltic markets and in different managerial positions. Zelenins’s previous position was at Inchcape Motors Latvia.

Susanna Kohisevankoski, People and Culture Director, joined Veho in 2022. She worked previously as Chief People and Culture Officer at Enics, an industrial electronics manufacturing services provider. Prior to the engagement at Enics, she has had several HR lead roles in various industry segments.

Markku Haavisto, Head of Finance, Cars GD, joined Veho in 2010. He worked as Controller in Group Controlling until the end of 2018, and then moved to a Business Controller role in Distribution for 2019-2021. In 2022-2023, Markku held the role as Head of Business Controlling in Cars & Vans Distribution. Haavisto has prior work experience from Marioff Corporation and DHL.

Kai Hammar, Development Director, joined Veho in 2009 and has worked in several positions within Veho and prior to that in sourcing and development roles in various industry areas: telecom, automation/electrical machines, and sanitary fittings.