The road to five-star customer experience involves mastering both digital and personal touch

Best of both worlds

The road to five-star customer experience involves mastering both digital and personal touch.

With the goal of creating a five-star customer experience, Veho is taking significant strides in enhancing the accessibility and personalization of its services.

According to the philosophy of Veho, despite making notable digital improvements, the key is to understand the value of personal service. Rather than going fully digital, the focus is on enabling staff to spend more time focusing on the customer, creating a more personal experience. The premium experience seamlessly integrates digital capabilities with personal interactions to craft tailored, high-quality customer journeys.

“The crafting of Veho five-star experience is similar to building a luxury hotel where the entire concept is tailored to providing the best service at all times and hiding all the maintenance functions firmly under the hood,” says Director of Customer Experience Tuomas Manninen.

MAR20X paves the way

This approach is exemplified by the new Mercedes-Benz Retail Experience MAR20X concept store in Olari, Espoo, merging Veho's service ethos with Mercedes-Benz's overarching brand concept.

"In Olari, the Mercedes-Benz roof concept meets Veho's five-star customer experience, with a focus on the customer rather than the product," Director of Veho Retail Finland, Kari Halonen, explains.

The MAR20X concept not only embodies elegance and functionality but also highlights the prolific aesthetic style and premium quality of Mercedes-Benz. The layout of the concept store provides ample space for customers and vehicle displays, with large screens serving both decorative and informational purposes.

In addition to introducing striking architecture and top-notch interior design, Olari concept store pioneers new digital functionalities that help make Veho service more seamless. An example is the recognition of customers upon arrival based on their vehicle's registration number, transforming the traditional auto dealership encounter into a personalized meeting.

"The customer is cordially received and graciously led to a comfortable spot, after which a customer service representative or service manager comes to them to handle their matter individually and personally.”

A smorgasbord of CEX data

From service design point of view, Olari concept store serves as Veho's learning hub and a testing ground for innovative service concepts.

“We closely follow customers' expectations, needs, and changes in customer behavior using various metrics,” says Tuomas Manninen. “The new dealership and its features offer a smorgasbord of data to help with driving the Veho customer experience towards the next level."

With the new concept picking up speed in Olari, Kari Halonen sees the future outlines of Veho dealerships starting to take form across Veho countries.

"What we learn and achieve in Olari will guide the development of operational models and customer interactions in other Veho stores. These lessons and best practices will be evident across the Veho chain in the coming years," Kari Halonen says.