Veho Import AB new Distributor for Mercedes-Benz Trucks in Sweden

As of October 1st, Veho Import AB is the new Distributor for Mercedes-Benz Trucks in Sweden. Veho Import, based in Malmö, is part of the Finnish Veho Group, which has been the general agent for Mercedes-Benz in Finland since 1939. Veho Import AB takes over the business from Mercedes-Benz Sverige AB. The acquisition is an important part of Veho's long-term growth strategy.

In Sweden, Mercedes-Benz sells around 800 trucks annually, and a total of around 6,500 vehicles are in traffic. It is therefore a big business considering both sales and aftermarket that Veho Import is taking over.

– We are the Distributor for Mercedes-Benz Trucks in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and we sell trucks at four facilities in Sweden. Thus, trucks are products that we really have in our blood. We look forward to continuing to develop the Swedish market for Mercedes-Benz Trucks together with our employees, dealers, and customers, says Veho Import’s CEO Tobias Sigerstad.

With the acquisition of the truck operations in Sweden, Veho will deliver a total of around 5,000 trucks to various markets on an annual basis.

Veho's long experience in the Nordic and Baltic countries as well as a strong and dedicated network in Sweden are prerequisites for Veho to be able to offer good customer experiences and accessibility for Sweden's truck customers.

– We know truck customers’ demands in terms of good accessibility to workshops and spare parts, and we will invest heavily in developing that in Sweden. Another key issue is creating sustainable solutions for the transport industry, which we are already working on together with our customers. Electrification is not something we plan for the future – we are already there, says Sigerstad.