Veho supports the Ukrainians and donates for humanitarian aid

Russia’s attack on Ukraine has shocked the foundations of Europe in the past days. Our thoughts and hearts are with the Ukrainians. Veho expresses its support for the people of Ukraine by making a donation of 150,000 euros to the Red Cross.

At this point, it is hard to predict what is going to happen during the next days, weeks and months – to the civilians, to the global economy, or to the automobile industry. The situation in Ukraine affects everyone in different ways and is especially distressing for those living in or having their close ones in the war zone. Veho does not take a political stand, but its thoughts are on the side of the Ukrainians. Veho has therefore decided to express its support for the people in Ukraine by making a donation of EUR 150 000 through the Red Cross Organization.

“We cannot change the conditions, but we can choose to do the best we can under these circumstances and take care of the people near and dear to us,” says Veho’s CEO and President Juha Ruotsalainen. “It is now particularly important to show compassion and support and, of course, to take care of our own loved ones and well-being,” Ruotsalainen continues.